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Seeking Collaborators for Let's Eat Mary!

Madison, WI. Non-Equity. Honorarium (Stipend).
Presented by Rotate Theatre and the Center for Research on Gender and Women at UW-Madison.
Performances: May 15-16 & 22-23 at the Play Circle Theater, May 30-31 at Off-Campus Community Spaces

Seeking a stage manager, costume designer, and set/prop designer, for Brooke Allen's delightfully biting feminist comedy, Let's Eat Mary, produced by Cyra K. Polizzi, directed by Richard Paro, with access coordination by Molly Mattaini.

Audition Dates: We will post a call for actors and musicians soon! Check back, join our Mailing List, or follow us on FB, TW, or IG.

This production is being designed to prioritize individual and community wellness, and is in conversation with Cyra's current transdisciplinary research on theater practice using lenses of accessibility, sustainability, and feminism. For more info about the process, open positions, the script, access, accommodations, auditions, rehearsals, performances, the honorarium, or anything else, please email Cyra at RotateTheatre@gmail.com.

To Submit, please email the following to RotateTheatre@gmail.com:
  • Subject line: Let's Eat Mary - Position(s)
  • Resume and/or CV and/or blurb about any relevant professional or personal experience and/or training.
  • Optional: Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or why you are interested in this position or this production.

Additional Production Info*

*Feel free to jump around, reading only sections
that are important to you at the moment.

Production Schedule:

  • We are using strategies meant to help us break from capitalist, heteropatriarchal, and colonial expectations of time, production, and value, including an intentionally extended and spacious process.
  • We are planning 3 rehearsals per week (most around 3 hours in length) starting in January through the opening in May. Some collaborators will be called for nearly all rehearsals (including the stage manager), some will be called fewer days per week, and some will only be called during certain points of the process (including the access coordinator, designers, and musicians). Rehearsal dates/times will be based on collaborator availability and preferences and will start no earlier than 9am (likely later) and end no later than 10pm (likely earlier). Collaborators will receive their rehearsal schedules well in advance.
  • Designers are asked to provide drafts of pieces by March 15 and finished pieces by April 15.

About this Production:

  • Artists on and off campus are collaborating on this production. Professionals, students, and other community members are welcome.
  • We will engage race/gender/size/disability/age-conscious casting in this stylized production. We will not ignore these factors, but will think critically about how these factors work in the context of this script, this production, and the group of collaborators as a whole.
  • Design elements will be stylized as they weave period, punk, and the absurd, and prioritize collaborator comfort and time, tour-ability, and non-toxic/repurposed materials. Limitations, such as minimal budget and construction staff, will be used as opportunities for creative, simple, effective, low-waste solutions.
  • Collaborators are invited to participate in a panel in connection with the project (a post-show talk-back style event). Each panelist will receive an honorarium.
  • Producer's Note: "Collaborators are invited, but not required, to contribute ideas, suggestions, reflections, and questions to help shape this and future productions. I am indebted to so many amazing collaborators, teachers, and Indigenous, Disability Justice, environmental justice, queer, and Women of Color feminist activists in helping to identify many of the strategies being used in this production, and the following concepts that serve as a guide for this process: the intrinsic value of each unique bodymind, webs of relationships built with generosity and interdependence, and living in the present in ways that allow us to imagine and build just futures. Each collaborator's perspective can help us learn about embodying these ideas." - Cyra
  • Presented by Rotate Theatre and the Center for Research on Gender and Women at UW-Madison, co-sponsored by the Center for Culture, History, and Environment and the Theatre and Drama Graduate Student Organization, with support from the 4W Initiative, Milo and Virgil's Fabulous Fund, and the UW South Madison Partnership.

About the Script:

Let's Eat Mary, a delightfully biting feminist comedy, finds the Pride and Prejudice siblings rowing up to a tiny desolate island on a quest to escape the patriarchy... or at least that's what Lizzie keeps going on about. On the island, each sister struggles with her desires and roles in society amid such disruption. Marginalized back home yet without connections to this new place, they soon wonder if removal and isolation can really provide what they seek... or maybe this whole ordeal is Mary's fault, she's the worst. Fast-paced and brushed with punk-rock, politics, and heart, the play lovingly jests with Jane Austin's satirical comedy of manners. Regardless of ones familiarity with Austin's original, Let's Eat Mary both illuminates and helps us find the humor in the errors of our ways.

Prior to this production, the script was workshopped in Chicago, a fitting journey for a script by Allen who is Chicago-based and Wisconsin-raised. A staged reading in Chicago featuring a draft of the script was directed by Breahan Eve Pautsch and featured Kirstin Franklin, Emjoy Gavino, Carmen Molina, Cyra K. Polizzi, Jillian Rea, Sadieh Rifai, and Bethany Thomas, with music by Allison Hendrix.

Access Chart:

This chart is production specific as context changes from show to show. This chart is also a work in progress. Rather than waiting for slicker formatting and more complete information, we think it best to provide what we can at this time. We make frequent updates and greatly appreciate suggestions for topics, strategies, ideas, hacks, and sources as we continually work to increase accessibility in our work. We also welcome questions and requests regarding access and accommodations: RotateTheatre@gmail.com . 608-515-8912