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Audition for Rotate Theatre Mini Fest!

Five women characters in different styles of clothing exclaim enthusiastically
Five women characters in different styles of clothing exclaim enthusiastically

Rotate Theatre Company is casting an ensemble of performers for an entertaining and thought-provoking lineup of short plays featuring underrepresented perspectives. Rotate Theatre Mini Fest includes festival favorites performed alongside brand new works presented as part of World Premiere Wisconsin.

Some of the short plays require experienced actors and others have fun roles for beginners. Non-Equity professionals, students, and other performers age 18 and up are welcome.

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Audition Dates

  • Sun, March 19, 3-7pm
  • Mon, March 20, 6-9pm
  • And by appointment.

Audition Location

  • UW South Madison Partnership
    • 2238 South Park St, Madison, WI
    • Next to the Goodman Library
    • There is a free parking lot, multiple bus lines come to the bus stop on the corner, and the space is on ground level.
    • There are single-occupancy gender-neutral restrooms with fragrance free soap.

Auditions will consist of:

  • Readings from the scripts
    • Cold readings are fine and no preparation is expected (since some actors prefer sides in advance, sides will be emailed a few days before the audition).
    • Actors who prefer to showcase themselves with a prepared monologue or scene, may bring their own material (and a scene partner if desired).
  • Rehearsal-style activities.
  • For those interested in the short plays with dancing, there will be simple choreography.
  • Note 1: Since everyone will have a chance to read multiple sides and interact with the directors, we will not be holding call-backs.
  • Note 2: Please wear whatever clothing is comfortable for you (casual, dressy, quirky, whatever)! We'll probably be in jeans.

Required Availability

  • Friday, June 9, 5:30-9:30 - Final Tech/Dress
  • Saturday, June 10 - afternoon call, 4:30pm show, 7:30pm show
  • Sunday, June 11, 12:30pm call, 1:30pm show

Additional Availability

  • A few members of the cast will be invited to participate in a pre-fest mini performance piece at Overture Center's Democracy exhibit on Friday, May 5th.
  • Full-cast techs, run-throughs, photo calls, etc will be weekday nights and/or weekends.
  • The rehearsal schedule will be determined based on cast availability.
    • Some actors will be in many of the pieces and have a fairly standard rehearsal schedule, while others will be called less. We hope this makes the production accessible to performers looking for different types of experiences, from intensive rehearsals really digging in to a variety of characters, to focused rehearsals for one leading role, to fun non-speaking roles that require very little rehearsal.
    • The piece being performed at the Overture Center on May 5 will begin rehearsing in mid-April while at least one of the short plays won't start rehearsing until late May. The others will start sometime in between.
    • Most of the short plays will rehearse some combination of weekday evenings and/or Sundays.
    • Many rehearsals will take place at UW South Madison Partnership.

Additional Information

  • Actors will receive a mini "Thank You" honorarium.
  • Actors must be up-to-date on COVID vaccinations.
  • If you would like more detailed information prior to auditions, please reference the Performer Access Chart or contact us at

Collaborators Include:

photo of Ashely Bagot photo of Rhea Leman photo of Aisha Leverett photo of Wi-Moto Nyoka photo of Richard Paro
Ashely Bagot Rhea Leman Aisha Leverett Wi-Moto Nyoka Richard Paro
photo of Breahan Eve Pautsch photo of Cyra K. Polizzi photo of Rini Tarafder photo of John Weagly
Breahan Eve
Cyra K. Polizzi Rini Tarafder John Weagly

For more information about the festival collaborators, visit the Collaborator Bios page.

Rotate Theatre Mini Fest builds on the Indie Boots Theatre Festival which was produced by the Rotate ensemble for many years in Chicago. Over 200 artists collaborated on the festival to bring new short works to packed houses. Offering an array of genres, the eclectic line-up of plays deftly used humor and heart to grapple with (cis/mono/hetero)sexism, racism, colonialism, ableism, classism, and environmental injustice. Returning directors include Breahan Eve Pautsch and Richard Paro. Returning writers include Wi-Moto Nyoka, Aisha Leveret, and John Weagly. The access team includes Cyra K. Polizzi who will facilitate consent-conscious rehearsal activities assembled and developed in conversation with their transdisciplinary practice-based research asking questions about multifaceted accessibility, sustainability, and wellness in theatre practices.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or requests regarding auditions, rehearsals, performances, the scripts, access, accommodations, or anything else: or 608-515-8912.

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