2012 Festival
Thursday, May 10th

2012 Audience Award Winner: HALF
Honorable Mention: FLUID and STORYWOODS

The first annual Indie Boots Film Festival took place Thursday, May 10th at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema (2828 N. Clark, Chicago. Near the Red and Brown lines, numerous bus lines, or $5 validated parking). The 90 minute short film program began at 7:30pm, immediately followed by a filmmaker Q&A and audience voting. Then the festival moved to Native Foods Cafe (1023 W. Belmont) from 9:30pm-11:00pm for the after-party and audience award presentation. Plus, the first 100 people in the theatre received a $5 Native Foods Cafe gift card!

$10 tickets at the Landmark Website and box office!

Screening Location:
After-Party Location:
www.landmarktheatres.comLandmark Theatres Native Foods Cafe

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2012 Films

Listing does not reflect running order. All films are not rated.


  • Chicago Premiere . Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Comedy . 17 Minutes . Trailer
  • Director: Dara Sklar . Producers: Lex Sloan, Amy Anner, Amanda Vigil, Dara Sklar
  • Featuring: Tali Petschek, Meredith Slater, Amanda Vigil, Andy MacLennan, Alaia Zeno, Alexa Inkles, Kato Schasiepen, Ariana Zeno
  • Androgynous Angie's transgressive coffee drinking threatens not only her friendships, but also her position on the "Ice Teasers" flag football team, in this playful satire on strictly enforced identities.


  • Chicago Premiere . Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Documentary . 8 Minutes
  • Director: Mary Horan
  • Featuring: Rebecca Dudley
  • A quirky artist creates an elaborate miniature world from scratch, known as Storywoods, drawing from her childhood experiences of nature.

Reverse Cowgirl

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Comedy . 8 Minutes
  • Director: April Faith Hirschman
  • Featuring: Kristina Ford, Adriel Moriah, Tim Wegman
  • Sometimes a birthday request turns into more than you bargain for...

Last Kiss

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Experimental Documentary . 1 Minute
  • Director: Charles Lum
  • Last Kiss questions the meaning of a plaque on a historic monument that reads "Respect the memory of Oscar Wilde and do not deface this tomb."

Skallamann (Baldguy)

  • Musical Comedy . 12 Minutes . Trailer
  • Director: Maria Bock . Writers: Lars Jacobsen, Maria Bock . Producer: Tomas Evjen
  • Featuring: Frank Kjosas, Marit Adeleide Andreassen, Randolf Walderhaug, Ole Giaever
  • A lively musical with meticulous choreography and beautiful scenery about a young man's infectious quest to be himself and love whomever he wants... even a skallamann!

The Defining Line

  • Chicago Premiere . Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Documentary . 3 Minutes
  • Director: Melissa Townsend . Photography: Cristina Rutter . Editorial Assistants: Hollen Reischer, Carrie Spitler
  • Featuring: Earlene Strickland
  • A portrait of an artist from Chicago's west side, who takes inspiration from Picasso to claim her own space to create.

The Fox in the Snow

  • Chicago Premiere . Filmmakers in Attendance . Out of Competition
  • Comedy . 10 Minutes . Trailer
  • Director/Writer: Richard Paro
  • Featuring: Carrie Bain, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Travis Barnhart, Crystal Hartford, Chakira Lane, Naomi Finkelstein, Kate Brown, Lauren Hearter, Ashely Bagot, Cyra K. Polizzi
  • A women's bible study meeting takes an unexpected turn when the members' true motives are revealed.


  • Chicago Premiere
  • Animation . 1 Minute
  • Director/Writer: Susana Vargas . Producers: Susana Vargas, Kristoffer Vela
  • The story of a bird in a dreamed home.

Como Conoci A Tu Padre (How I Met Your Father)

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Comedy . 9 Minute
  • Director/Writer: Alex Montoya . Producers: Alex Montoya, Jon D. Dominguez, Arti Montoya
  • Featuring: Irene Anula, Inaki Ardanaz
  • Two people navigate their first intimate encounter... with a little bumbling along the way.


  • Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Experimental Drama . 6 Minutes
  • Director/Writer: Alex Bohs
  • Featuring: Emily Deering, Chloe Howcroft, Melody Snyder
  • Half uses live action, animation and post-production techniques to introduce us to two women unknowingly sharing one story.


  • Chicago Premiere
  • Animation . 3 Minutes
  • Director: Elisha Lim . Writer: Coco Riot . Producers: Elisha Lim and Coco Riot
  • Eight year old Coco thinks that "marimacho" is a name, like Mari Luz or Mari Nieve. It's actually a homophobic insult - but nothing can diminish the magic of first passing as a boy.


  • Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Experimental . 2 Minutes
  • Director: Nelson Carvajal
  • Semiotics of an urban landscape.

A Fistful of Asphalt

  • Chicago Premiere . Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Comedy Animation . 2 Minutes
  • Director: John Akre
  • The street was too dangerous for children, too dangerous for anyone, until he came to town... the man with no car.

Abridged Too Far

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Comedy . 3 Minutes
  • Director: Mike Cheslik . Writers: Mike Cheslik, Jon Annunziata . Producer: Maggie Gilbride
  • Featuring: Stephen Cervantes, Sean Brannon, Karsten Otto, Bianca Rusu, Mike Puckett, Meredith Baker
  • Corey and the furious Mr. B win a rare tour of the Cliff Notes Factory where they meet Clifford Notesword himself! This film was written and shot in 48 hours.

Transparent Movement

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Experimental . 1 Minute
  • Director: Soyeon Kim . Music: Tim Samoff
  • A study of the body, movement and shape, made using video of dancers, manipulated with drawings and paintings, cut-out and re-composed in layers, then re-exposed and edited.

We Are Wisconsin

  • Documentary . 3 Minutes
  • Directors: Finn Ryan, David Nevala
  • Since January of 2011 when Scott Walker took office as the Governor of Wisconsin and began slashing worker rights, the people of Wisconsin have been in turmoil. This documentary gives voice to some of the everyday Wisconsinites who have been part of the massive protests against Walker's policies.

Tuesday Night Make-Out - Trailer

  • Chicago Premiere . Filmmakers in Attendance . Out of Competition
  • Trailer . 1 Minute
  • Directors: Richard Paro with Cyra K. Polizzi, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Katie Jones / Writers: Richard Paro with Cyra K. Polizzi, Breahan Eve Pautsch
  • Featuring: Amy Crater, Cyra K. Polizzi, Ashley Bagot, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Brittainy Boyer, Crystal Hartford, Elizabeth Finley, Jessica Dexter, Kate Gerston, Kristi Parker-Barnhart, Laura Elleseg, Matthew Isler, Richard Paro
  • A trailer for "Tuesday Night Make-Out" (hitting the festival circuit in June!). In TNMO, Vi and Catherine hurry through an afternoon of odd encounters, hoping for an evening home together.