Indie Boots Film Festival 2013

Thursday, May 9th, 2013. 7:30pm

2013 Audience Award Winner: ZACK
2013 Audience Award Honorable Mention: A FABLE ABOUT BEAUTY
2013 Audience Award Honorable Mention: NUDIST BEACH

Indie Boots Film Festival celebrates short film on Thursday, May 9th at 7:30pm at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema. The diverse program of Chicago premieres is filled with hilarious comedies, eye-opening documentaries, adorable animation, and well-crafted dramas, carefully selected from the festival circuit and from hundreds of submissions. After a successful film festival last spring, special programs in the fall, a logo contest this winter, and a theatre festival at Theater Wit scheduled for May 20-22, the annual film festival is back for another thoughtfully curated one-night event featuring independent films with different perspectives on whose stories are worth telling, what's funny, and how the world works.

$10 tickets available HERE or at the box office!

2013 Screening Location:

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema, located at 2828 N. Clark in Chicago, is walking distance from the Red/Brown/Purple line trains and numerous bus lines. Or arrive early to grab a $5 validated spot in the connected parking ramp.

2013 Official Selections

All Chicago Premieres!

All films are not rated. Listing does not reflect running order.
Running time is approximately 99 minutes.

The Thing

  • Drama/Comedy . 15 Minutes . USA (California)
  • Director: Rhys Ernst
  • Featuring: Hilt Trollsplinter, Ruthie Doyle
    Writers: Rhys Ernst, Avery McTaggart . Producers: Cary Cronenwett, Logan Kibens . Director of Photography: Ava Berkofsky . Editor: Eileen Meyer . Production Designer: Erin Smith . Music: Alexis Gideon
  • Zooey spent weeks planning a road trip to a mysterious roadside attraction known as "The Thing" in the hopes that she and Tristan will reconnect. Once on the road, Zooey's plan falls apart, while Tristan, a transgender man, and his fluffy grey cat struggle to find places to comfortably pee, .

White Space

  • Drama . 8 Minutes . USA (Minnesota)
  • Writer/Director: Maya Washington
  • Featuring: Ryan Lane, CJ Jones, Zendrea Mitchell, Lester Purry, Byron Washington, Tanya Alexander, Ant Black, Maya Washington
  • White Space follows a deaf performance poet, anxious about his debut at an open-mic night for a hearing audience.

Nudist Beach

  • Drama/Comedy . 11 Minutes . UK
  • Writer/Director: Stephen Trumble
  • Featuring: Alan Devally, Frances Millar
    Director of Photography/Editor: Adam Azmy . Assistant Director/Art Director: Calum Carpernter . Producer/Casting: David Trumble . Production Assistant: Chloe Dean . Costume: Mags Selvidge . Sound Recordists: Flo Silver, Greg Lock . Post Sound: Jamie Juarez . Music: John Bowen
  • At the edge of a bleak and deserted nudist beach, two strangers find themselves in a awkward, flirtatious, and utterly self-conscious situation.

2nd Best

  • Comedy . 8 Minutes . USA (Oregon)
  • Director: Sarah Gertrude Shapiro
  • Featuring: Riley Richard, Adrienne Graf
    Producer: Jordan Hamilton
  • After a long day of shopping, Riley and Adrienne (a real life couple from Portland), come home to an empty fridge and new furniture to assemble. The bickering between the two women is both familiar and hilarious.


  • Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Comedy . 7 Minutes . USA (Illinois)
  • Director: Sean Pierce
  • Featuring: Zach Harris
  • Music: Kevin Cline
  • The Story of a Zack. Who is our protagonist, what is he doing in Chicago, why are we following him?

A Time is a Terrible Thing to Waste

  • Animation/Comedy . 3 Minutes . Canada
  • Director/Animator: Leslie Supnet
  • Featuring: Glen Johnson
    Writer: Glen Johnson . Editor: Clint Enns . Sound Design: Clint Enns
  • A squirrel ponders the essence of time.

Living Tiny

  • Documentary . 7 Minutes . USA (California)
  • Directors: Paul Meyers, Paul Donatelli
  • Featuring: jay Shafer, Steve Marshall, Austin Hay
  • A new vision of home is explored in this look at three Californians who seek an alternative to traditional construction, consumerism, waste, energy, success, and comfort.

The Pigeon Family

  • Filmmakers in Attendance
  • Comedy . 2 Minutes . USA (Illinois) . Out of Competition
  • Director: Cyra K. Polizzi
  • Featuring: Breahan Eve Pautsch, Cyra K. Polizzi, Jaaron Drew, Laura Elleseg, Chad Ryan, Holly McCauley, Joshua Simpson
    Story by LFP . Director of Photography: Richard Paro . Production Crew: Jessica Dexter, Alexander St. John . Music: Martha Berner
  • A couple's afternoon in the park is interrupted by an unexpected threesome on a stroll. This fun 2 minute film may be a cultural critique of our assumptions and the things we imbue with importance... or it might not mean anything. The two women in this story would certainly debate it.

Art of Motion

  • Documentary . 4 Minutes . UK
  • Director: Rhodri Williams
  • Featuring: Elishama "Hook" Udarak
  • Exploring parkour from the angle of a few participants in London, this short doc shows there is much more to the art form than just "doing a flip."


  • Animation/Comedy . 2 Minutes . UK
  • Director: Arda Uysal
  • Fed up with annoying spam email, a man finally decides to buy the body-enhancing pills everyone seems to be taking. Soon, the whole world is dangerously distracted by these physical "enhancements."

The Third House

  • Documentary . 11 Minutes . Cambodia/Denmark
  • Directors: Marie Ramhoj, Pernille Gliese Pedersen
  • Crushing stereotypes about relationships between women and men, parents and children, The Third House documents members of the Kreung tribe in the jungle of northeastern Cambodia where hard work and a large family are key. When the daughters of the tribe reach their teens their parents build them a love house, to help them find their one true love.


  • Experimental . 1 Minute . Spain
  • Director: Mario Barcellandi
  • Featuring: Mathilde Simone
  • This one minute film questions place, space, distance, reality, and any phone call.

A Fable About Beauty

  • Filmmaker in Attendance
  • Comedy . 11 Minutes . Canada
  • Director: John Barnard
  • Featuring: Tracy McMahon, Sarah Consitble, Trish Cooper, Jacqueline Guertin, Geoff Banjovich, Michael O'Sullivan
    Cinematographer: Bruce Claydon . Producers: Kyle Bornais, Chris Charney
  • Socially inept losers Becky and Kimmy foster a crush on notorious cameraman Joel Stone. With the help of an arrogant socialite who has climbed the social ladder through years of festive bum spanking, they attend the biggest party in town. What will this party at the Cowboy Literary Agents' garage reveal to Becky, Kimmy, and Joel about beauty?


  • Documentary . 4 Minutes . USA (Louisiana)
  • Directors: Daneeta Loretta Jackson, Patrick Jackson
  • Charlie's life used to include dead-end fast food jobs, but now she's working to make the world a better place for herself and her children as she builds a career in environmental construction in her native New Orleans.

The Homogenics

  • Experimental/Comedy . 3 Minutes . Spain
  • Director: Gerard Freixes Ribera
  • The Homogenics recuts the classic family sitcom highlighting standardization and stereotypes in the proliferation of the American dream.

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