Indie Boots Film Festival 2014

Thursday, May 8th, 2014. 7:30pm

2014 Audience Award Winner:

2014 Audience Award Honorable Mentions:
Theo and Sam Wait for the Train Again
Margaret Hue would like to go to Mars.

Indie Boots Film Festival celebrates short film on Thursday, May 8th at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema (a fully accessible theater at 2828 N Clark in Chicago). The annual film festival, now in its third year, is back for another thoughtfully curated one-night event featuring independent films with different perspectives on whose stories are worth telling, what's funny, and how the world works. The diverse program of local and international short comedies, dramas, documentaries, and animation, includes Chicago premieres carefully selected from hundreds of submissions and from the festival circuit. Seating starts at 7:00pm and the film program begins promptly at 7:30pm followed by a filmmaker Q&A. For more information about the Indie Boots Theatre Festival which takes place April 28-30, please visit our Festivals page.

$12 tickets available at the box office!
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PLEASE NOTE: There are no ads. Please leave ample time for travel/parking.

2014 Screening Location

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema, located at 2828 N. Clark in Chicago, is near the Red/Brown/Purple line trains and numerous bus lines. Or arrive early to grab a $5 validated parking spot for up to 4 hours in the ramp.

2014 After-Party Location: Friar Tuck, 3010 N Broadway, Chicago, IL

2014 Official Selections

All films are not rated. Listing does not reflect running order. The program is approximately 103 minutes and is followed by a filmmaker Q&A. Seating starts at 7:00pm and the program begins promptly at 7:30pm.

Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Comedy . 10 Minutes . Canada
  • Writer/Director: Gabrielle Zilkha
  • Featuring: Tracey Beltrano, Helen Kas, Katharine O'Brien
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Kirkpatrick . Producers: Jenn Mason, Gabrielle Zilkha . Music: Bonny "Djbonseye" Morgan, Russell Soares
  • A couple of bunnies, played by Helen Kas and Katharine O'Brien, used to, well, do it like bunnies. But when things in that department start to wane, they take a proactive approach to enhancing their sex life.


  • Chicago Premiere
  • Dramedy . 5 Minutes . Israel
  • Writer/Director: Kerem Blumberg
  • Featuring: Natalie Dobkin, Amit Davidson, Timna Peretz, Ben Tversky, Rotem Yaniv
  • Director of Photography: Anael Resnick
  • Two girls meet in the restroom at a punk gig when they discover the stall is out of order. One of them really needs to pee, but will she try her new acquaintance's unconventional solution?

O šunce

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Animation . 6 Minutes . Czech Republic
  • Writer/Director: Eliška Chytková
  • An artistic and playful animated film about a chained imagination bursting free, taking childlike delight in the absurd.


  • Chicago Premiere
  • Comedy . 20 Minutes . England
  • Writer/Director: Josh Allott
  • Featuring: Alexandra Dowling, Verity Mullan Wilkinson, Laurence Williams, Alexis Self, Denise Terry, Anthony Neverson, Nathan Laryea
  • Director of Photography: Owen Cant . Editor: Ben Mills . Producer: Sam Tipper-Hale . Production Design: Elizabeth el-Kadhi
  • Ruby, an organic fruit and veg vendor, learns the ways of the world through Youtube tutorials. When she falls for DJ Vinyl Lionel, her lack of experience gets her into a bit of trouble in this adorable romantic comedy.


  • Filmmakers in Attendance . World Premiere
  • Dramedy . 5 Minutes . USA (Illinois)
  • Director: Dan Olson
  • Featuring: Dan Olson, Kenzie Seibert, Kevin Croak, Dylan Carey, Juanita Jones, Matt Nikkila, Liz Reuss, Carly Olson
  • Writer: Marissa Lessman . Director of Photography: Burton Bilharz . Editor: Zachary Sigelko . Sound: Kevin Gentz . Crew: Jess Demark, Sam Ommen
  • In this short film shot in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, a day from corporate hell sparks the otherwise complacent Rizzo to explore the value of self-creation, pursing passion with abandon.

Margaret Hue would like to go to Mars.

  • Filmmaker in Attendance . Chicago Premiere
  • Experimental Comedy . 4 Minutes . USA (Wisconsin)
  • Writer/Director: Anna Sampers
  • Featuring: Anna Sampers
  • Margaret Hue would like to go to Mars and this is her unique audition tape.

Theo and Sam Wait for the Train Again

  • Filmmakers in Attendance . Chicago Festival Premiere
  • Dramedy . 11 Minutes . USA (Illinois)
  • Writer/Director: Kevin Cline
  • Featuring: Selima Dougadir & Jordan Nelson
  • Director of Photography: Hannah Welever . Editor: Zach Harris
  • Romantically-confused long distance friends awkwardly wait for a train, not knowing when they will see each other again.

A Little Bit Country

  • Chicago Premiere
  • Comedy . 7 Minute . England
  • Director: Amy Coop
  • Featuring: Tim McInnerny, Kazia Pelka, Richard Southgate
  • Writers: Amy Coop, Andrew Yerlett . Director of Photography: Trevor Coop . Producer: Catrin Cooper
  • Dylan is a teenager much like any other, only he harbours a dark secret. When alone, he delves into his secret stash of 'specialist' magazines, videos, and clothing, until one night his parents catch him, distraught to discover that their son... likes country music.


  • Midwest Premiere
  • Experimental Animation . 1 Minute . Hungary
  • Director: Natália Andrade
  • Pieces of early morning slide into one another in a synesthesia of an unfulfilled love story.

The Candle

  • Filmmakers in Attendance . World Festival Premiere
  • Documentary . 6 Minutes . USA (New York)
  • Director: Dan Perez
  • Featuring: Jorge Matarrita, Marthalicia Matarrita, Tomas Matarrita
  • Producers: Dan Perez, Ruben Perez
  • New York City artist Marthalicia Matarrita and her brothers Tomas and Jorge, paint together for the first time in several years. Shot outside the Tinton Avenue projects and inside a sweltering basement studio in the Bronx, the siblings express how their love of art functioned in childhood and during times of poverty.

Civvy Street

  • North American Premiere
  • Drama . 5 Minutes . England
  • Writer/Director: Matt Worthington
  • Featuring: Nigel Harris
  • Director of Photography: Emmanuel Boadi . Production Design: Laura Gipp . Assistant Director: Jamie Smith . Score: Jem Raven
  • Despite the calm of nature surrounding his trailer, a lone man is caught in a cycle of fear. Many years after returning from war, he has been left with alcohol to help him cope.

Dream of Dance

  • Chicago Festival Premiere
  • Experimental . 1 Minute . USA (New York)
  • Writer/Director: Irina Varina
  • Featuring: Anna-Nina Kovalenko, Irina Varina
  • Director of Photography: Aharon Rothschild . Editor: Lorena Ospina Diaz . Sound: Zachary Bishop . Sound Design: Gabe Quiroga . Music: Humberto Olivieri
  • Beauty and whimsy are set free when a young woman stops worrying about looking silly.

Death Work

  • Filmmaker in Attendance . Chicago Premiere
  • Documentary . 5 Minutes . USA (Illinois)
  • Director: Angela Aguayo
  • Darryl, the assistant sexton at a city-owned cemetery, takes his work in stride, along with the sometimes troubling history that comes with it. Although some policies have changed since the cemetery was established in 1863, much of the ritual has remained the same. Darryl's work caring for the grounds where many in his community are laid to rest, requires constant upkeep and goes largely unnoticed.

My Strange Grandfather

  • Animation . 9 Minutes . Russia
  • Writer/Director: Dina Velikovskaya
  • A young girl, ashamed of her strange grandfather, is surprised to discover that what seems weird at one moment may give way to stunning creativity the next -- maybe even in the form of magical artwork made simply from garbage.

What Happened to the Quiet Kids?

  • Out of Competition . Filmmakers in Attendance . World Premiere
  • Dramedy . 6 Minutes . USA (Illinois)
  • Writer/Director: Richard Paro
  • Featuring: Ashely Bagot, Don Baiocchi, Laura Elleseg, Kate Gerston, Crystal Hartford, Nicole Haskins, Ashley Rae Kobza, Dan Olson, Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi, Ashley Sevedge, Aubrey Staton, Tamara White, Chelsea Hano, Kyra Morris, Rachel Simon
  • Crew: Jessica Dexter, Richard Paro, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Jinni Pike, Cyra K. Polizzi, Kat Reiser, Alex St. John
  • With just a week until the opening of their next original feminist love story, a fledgling theatre company's rehearsal veers off course when the ensemble attempts to once again solidify their mission statement. What Happened to the Quiet Kids? was made entirely in Chicago.