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Rotate Theatre


In addition to producing live performances and festivals, we also utilize filmmaking to feature underrepresented perspectives. We house films that were made under various monikers including Mudgeonsoul Productions and Full Voice.

- Note to Press: For publicity images, hi-res stills, and press kits, please email rotatetheatre@gmail.com
- Note to Film Festival Programmers: For a rundown of available films and private screening links, please visit our programmer page.

The Fox and the Snow

2011 . 10 Minutes . mudgeonsoul productions

In this short romantic comedy, a women's bible study meeting takes an unexpected turn when the members' true motives are revealed.

*WINNER* Audience Award at KCGLFF!

"Peer pressure loses out when members of a Biblical study group reveal they want to thump more than just bibles in the hilarious Fox in the Snow." - Frameline Film Festival


Writer, Director: Richard Paro
Crew: Jessica Dexter, Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi
Make-up and Hair: Kristina Dexter
Music: Martha Berner
Still Photographer: Rachel Renee


Carrie Bain
Breahan Eve Pautsch
Travis Barnhart
Crystal Hartford
Chakira Lane
Naomi Finkelstein
Kate Brown
Lauren Hearter
Ashely Bagot
Cyra K. Polizzi

Screenings Include:

- Frameline Film Festival . San Francisco, CA
- Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Kansas City, MO *WINNER* Audience Award!
- Portobello Film Festival . London, UK
- Q! Film Festival . Jakarta, Indonesia
- North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Durham, NC
- Outflix Memphis . Memphis, TN
- Cinema Diverse . Palm Springs, CA
- Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Sacramento, CA
- Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival . Milwaukee, WI
- Out Takes: A Reel Queer Film Festival . Auckland, New Zealand
- Out Takes: A Reel Queer Film Festival . Wellington, New Zealand
- Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival . Indianapolis, IN
- Red Wasp Film Festival . Byron, TX
- Serile Filmului Gay Intl Film Festival . Cluj-Napoca, Romania
- Bangalore Queer Film Festival . Bangalore, India
- QFest . St. Louis, Missouri
- Indie Boots Film Festival . Chicago, IL
- Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Hartford, CT
- Celebrate Bisexuality Day Chicago . Chicago, IL
- Celebrate Bisexuality Day New York . New York, NY
- Buttered Corn on the Cob Film Festival . Urbana, IL
- Perlen Queer Film Festival Hannover . Hannover, Germany
- O+ Festival . Chicago, IL


2010 . 5 Minutes . Full Voice

This short comedic film inspired by poet Marisa Crawford's The Haunted House, follows Katherine as she apprehensively joins her friend George at Mixed Mixers, a queer social event. When George deserts her, Katherine is convinced her evening is ruined. That is, until she notices... Deidre.

Inspired by The Haunted House by Marisa Crawford
Created for The Printers' Ball at the invitation of
Switchback Books

Directed by Cyra K. Polizzi
In collaboration with Director of Photography Richard Paro

Music by Home Demo Vixens
Production Assistant . Tanise Robnett
Shot On Location at Morpho Gallery

- George . Chakira Lane
- Judy . Crystal Hartford
- Katherine . Cyra K. Polizzi
- Libby . Breahan Eve Pautsch
- Aphrodite . Angelique Miles
- Brenda . Heather Dorff
- Candice . Kate Jacobsen
- Davis . Josh Zagoren
- Edgar . vaughnjTheChameleon
- Emilie . Thea Karol
- Freddy . June Scherwinski
- Helen . Victoria Montalbano
- Kurt . Ross Cherney
- Stephanie . Brittany Mitchell
- Stevie . Jessica Dexter
- Tracy . Kara Abarca

Screenings Include:
- The Printers' Ball . Chicago, IL . July 30, 2010
- St. Louis QFest . St. Louis, MO . April 14, 2011
- South Loop Film Festival . Chicago, IL . April 28, 2011
- Serile Filmului Gay Intl Film Fest . Cluj-Napoca, Romania . November 15, 2011
- Merlinka Intl Queer Film Festival . Belgrade, Serbia . December 2011
- Bangalore Queer Film Festival . Bangalore, India . February 24, 2012

Tuesday Night Make-Out

2012 . 14 Minutes . mudgeonsoul productions

An experiment in highly collaborative micro-budget filmmaking, TNMO follows Vi, Catherine, and a city full of people pulled in different directions. Throughout an afternoon of odd encounters and public transportation, Vi and Catherine just want to make it home for a coveted evening together, despite work, family obligations, a friend's election party, and the neighborhood's diversions.


Directors: Richard Paro with segment direction by Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi, Breahan Eve Pautsch, & Katie Jones
Writers: Richard Paro with Cyra K. Polizzi & Breahan Eve Pautsch
Crew: Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Katie Jones & Jessica Dexter
Music: Martha Berner, Cross Record, Dust Bunnies, Scott Paro, Kate Brown, Siamese Twins
Subtitles: French (by K. Miller), German (by R. Sachs), Japanese (by K. T.), Russian (by A. Antipov), Spanish (by Nelson Rodriguez).


Amy Crater
Cyra K. Polizzi
Ashley Bagot
Breahan Eve Pautsch
Brittainy Boyer
Crystal Hartford
Elizabeth Finley
Jessica Dexter
Kate Gerston
Kristi Parker-Barnhart
Laura Elleseg
Matthew Isler
Richard Paro
Anita Nicole Brown
Chad Ryan
Chakira Lane
Colleen Dilts
Edward Fraim
Emily Jusino
Jaaron Drew
Jessica Jane Childs
Kate Brown
Kevin Gladish, Michael Baylon
Naomi Finkelstein
Riebana Sachs
Rocco Renda
Vincent Soto
Brad Potts
Cassandra Schiano
Megan Skord
Rachel Brownjohn
Spenser Davis
Travis Barnhart
Victoria Montalbano

Screenings Include:

- Frameline Film Festival . San Francisco, CA
- Red Wasp Film Festival . Bryan, TX
- Bangalore Queer Film Festival . Bangalore, India
- NCGLFF . Durham, NC
- Perlen Queer Film Festival Hannover . Hannover, Germany
- Blue November Micro Film Festival . Seattle, WA
- Celebrate Bisexuality Day New York . New York, NY
- Queer Film Program . Chicago, IL
- Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival . Indianapolis, IN

Allison, My Love

2009 . 2 Minutes . mudgeonsoul productions

Who do you think about?
In Allison, My Love, when an intimate moment is interrupted, three passionate people are affected by a simple slip of the tongue?


Director/DP/Editor: Richard Paro
Writer/Producer: Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi
Assistant Editor: Cyra K. Polizzi
Crew: Justin Brewer, Christopher Weiher
Music: Martha Berner


Breahan Eve Pautsch
Christopher Weiher
Cyra K. Polizzi

Screenings Include:

- Frameline Film Festival . San Francisco, CA
- Perlen Queer Film Festival Hannover . Hannover, Germany
- Olympia Film Festival . Olympia, WA
- Holebi Film Festival . Leuven, Belgium
- Boston LGBTQ Film Festival . Boston, MA
- London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival . London, UK
- Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival . Seattle, WA
- Image Out . Rochester, NY
- Reel Pride Film Festival . Fresno, CA
- Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Sacramento, CA
- Serile Filmului Gay Intl Film Festival . Cluj-Napoca, Romania
- South Loop Film Festival . Chicago, IL
- The Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Hartford, CT
- One in Ten Film Festival . Penn State
- QFest . St. Louis, MO
- Good Vibrations Film Festival . San Francisco, CA
- Indie Incubator Film Festival . Chicago, IL
- The Philadelphia QFest . Philadelphia, PA
- Q Cinema Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival . Fort Worth, TX
- LesGaiCineMad Film Festival . Madrid, Spain
- Rhino in the Room Film Festival . Lethbridge, Alberta
- No Shame Theatre . Chicago, IL
- Wildwood Film Festival . Appleton, WI
- Fargo Moorhead LGBT Film Festival Film Festival . Fargo, ND
- North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Durham, NC
- Riverside Saginaw Film Festival . Saginaw, MI
- Short Story Film Showcase . Chicago, IL
- Long Beach QFilm Festival . Long Beach, CA
- Bangalore Queer Film Festival . Bangalore, India
- Art Haus Filmmakers Lounge . Chicago, IL
- Louisville Gay and Lesbian Film Festival . Louisville, KY
- Women's Day LGCM Film Festival . Madrid, Spain
- Celebrate Bisexuality Day Chicago . Chicago, IL
- Celebrate Bisexuality Day New York . New York, NY
- Cinhomo Film Festival . Valladolid, Spain
- Kansai Queer Film Festival . Osaka, Japan
- Festival De Cine De La Diversidad . Bolivia

What Happened to the Quiet Kids?

2014 . 6 Minutes . Mudgeonsoul Productions

With just a week until the opening of their next original feminist love story, a fledgling theatre company's rehearsal veers off course when the ensemble attempts to once again solidify their mission statement.


Richard Paro (Writer, Director)
Jessica Dexter
Breahan Eve Pautsch
Jinni Pike
Cyra K. Polizzi
Kat Reiser
Alex St. John
Vegas Davis (Music)


Ashely Bagot
Don Baiocchi
Laura Elleseg
Kate Gerston
Crystal Hartford
Nicole Haskins
Ashley Rae Kobza
Dan Olson
Richard Paro
Cyra K. Polizzi
Ashley Sevedge
Aubrey Staton
Tamara White
Chelsea Hano
Kyra Morris
Rachel Simon

Screenings Include:

- Indie Boots Film Festival . Chicago, IL

So-Called Living

So-Called Living
2009 . 5 Minutes . Full Voice

This parody of the cult 90s TV series "My So-Called Life" is a lighthearted short about those transitional times in adulthood when all the awkward angst-filled longing of adolescence comes rushing back. Featuring queer characters in the title roles, "So-Called Living" is a crowd-pleaser with MSCL fans from all walks of life.

- Kate Brown . Chrissy
- Crystal Hartford . Sam Haley
- Richard Paro . Steven
- Cyra K. Polizzi . Beth
- Layla Schwartz . Devon Tessman
- Michelle Weissgerber . Jordan Vinanchiato

Writer/Director: Cyra K. Polizzi
Producers: Cyra K. Polizzi, Richard Paro
Director of Photography: Amanda Clifford
Production Manager: Kelly McDowell
Associate Producer: Crystal Hartford
Still Photographer: Alexandra Klimczak
Production Assistants: grace o'neill, Nicole Hamer, Stacy Singh

Thank you to the following individuals and business for their support!
- Ryan D. Herendeen
- Mary Rogers
- Justin Brewer
- Stephen Siefer & Lauren Winter, The Coffee & Tea Exchange
- Lavern Stewart, Jamba Juice Company
- Samina Ali, Subway Sandwiches
Screenings Include:
- Art Haus Filmmakers Lounge . Chicago, IL . February 9, 2009
- Rainbow Reels Queer Film Fest . Waterloo, Canada . March 14, 2009
- Threat Level Queer Shorts . Chicago, IL . March 27
- Queertopia! An Academic Festival . Evanston, IL . May 1, 2009
- Dyke Delicious . Chicago, IL . May 9, 2009
- North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival . Durham, NC . August 15 & 16, 2009
- ImageOut: The Rochester Gay and Lesbian Film & Video Festival . Rochester, NY . October 10, 2009
- Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . Huntington, NY . November 16, 2009
- St. Louis QFest . St. Louis, MO . March 31, 2010
- GayCharlotte Film Festival . Charlotte, NC . March 26 & 28, 2011
The Pigeon Family

The Pigeon Family

2013 . 2 Minutes . Full Voice, mudgeonsoul productions

A couple's afternoon in the park is interrupted by an unexpected threesome on a stroll, suspending the couple's debate about meaning in art. This fun 2 minute film plays with audience assumptions, flirts with cultural critique, and questions the things we imbue with importance... or does it?

- Directed by
Cyra K. Polizzi
- Story by L.F.P.
- Director of Photography: Richard Paro
- Jessica Dexter
- Alexander St. John
- Music by Martha Berner

- Cyra K. Polizzi
- Breahan Eve Pautsch
- Jaaron Drew
- Laura Elleseg
- Chad Ryan
- Holly McCauley
- Joshua Simpson

Mass Romantic

2008 . 112 Minutes . mudgeonsoul productions

A group of 20-somethings stumble in love & art in this indie dramedy.
Jamie and Erin's activist theater company sets out to create a play based on PJ's book of political short stories. PJ hasn't written much in a while... or socialized much either, except for hanging out at Olson's vegan cafe. Erin's girlfriend Bel, having just moved from NYC, prepares for a conference and searches for an apartment, as well as community in Chicago. Meanwhile, Billy is void of direction even with the self-fulfillment classes, but his partner Sally hopes his new job at Olson's cafe will help. Olson's partner Annette is working on a new quantum physics book and feeling uninspired... as are her students.
Where do you turn when your passion wanes? Your work? Your partner? How do you fall in love with life again?

Mass Romantic, a new independent feature by Richard Paro, follows activists and academics struggling with love while creating political art. The film focuses on relationships, while the characters tackle controversial topics in their work. "Mass Romantic" celebrates the everyday lives of activists, queer people, and acknowledges the importance of allies in building meaningful, enriching communities. The theme of coalition-building present in "Mass Romantic" is reflected by the diverse group of individuals involved in the making of the film, many of whom are underrepresented in American cinema. "Mass Romantic" features independent artists of numerous disciplines, including musicians Heidi Spencer, Coyote Grace, Martha Berner, Renee-Louise Carafice, Actor Slash Model and exclusive live performances by Carrie Lydon, Kate Brown, ROFO and Head of Femur. "Mass Romantic" was produced with a DIY sensibility after years of extensive story development and workshopping, utilizing the creative input and improvisational skills of the cast and crew.

Directed by Richard Paro
Produced by Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi
Written by Richard Paro, interpreted by the cast
Director of Photography Amanda Clifford
Edited by Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi

principal cast
Annette Falk...Petrucia Finkler
Bel Cantrellini...Cyra K. Polizzi
Billy Adler...Christopher Weiher
Erin Campbell...Lori Duncan
Jaime Blasband...Teissia Treynet
Jordan Stray...Crystal Hartford
Olson...Niki Mohrlant
PJ Jaskulski...Richard Paro
Sally...Brenda Barrie

supporting cast
Elyta...Samantha Garcia
Grace / Angie...Riebana Biegel
James / Dean...Christopher Rutherford
Kelli (Marie's Wife)...Robin Posavetz
Laura...Kate Brown
Marie Cantrellini...Sarah B. McLaughlin
Melanie / Franny...Breahan Eve Pautsch
Nicole / Asia...Ruta James
Stuart...Patrick Babbitt

featured cast
Canoe... Mort Burke
Debra...Sarah Goeden
Heidi (Dancer)...Heidi Schreck
Lauren...Mercy B. Oni
Mark...J Kilgore
Nicholas (Subletter)...Kevin Gladish
Patricia (Professor)...Ellen Peace
Sam (Jordan's Roommate)...Tracie Dahlke

VPT funraiser
Carrie Lydon...Carrie Lydon, Kate Rickenbacker
Head of Femur...Mike Elsener, Matt Focht

additional cast
Audience...Thomas V. Clayton
Customer... Rachel Murphy
Grace's Friend...Jennifer Koesling
Matt (Audience)...Rodrigo R. Dienstmann
Sue (Student)...Lauree Enos

Kayle...Lynette Morris
Gina...Paula Setta-Garcia
Gracie...Giovanna Carmella Babbo
Julia...Kristina Burkel
Cora...Tiffany Villarin

Heidi Spencer
Head of Femur
Ticklepenny Corner
The Blasphomatics
Dave Maxon
Home Demo Vixens
Coyote Grace
Carrie Lydon
Kate Brown
Martha Berner
Renee-Louise Carafice
Actor Slash Model

Additional Production Team/Crew
Associate Producer...Nicholas Langholff
Associate Producer...Teissia Treynet
Assistant Camera/ Boom/ Gaffer...Thomas V. Clayton
PA/ Boom...Kelly McDowell
Assistant Camera...Justin Watson
Gaffer...Quentin Lareau
Grip...Jayme Joyce
Boom...Andrei Antipov
Choreography...Cyra K. Polizzi
VPT Art...Ben Garcia
Computer Consultant...Ben Gollmer

"Seek the Truth Now!? story by Richard Paro
"Seek the Truth Now!? written by Rienana Biegel, Ruta James, Richard Paro, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Cyra K. Polizzi, Christopher Rutherford, Teissia Treynet

Thank You: Cast and Crew, Contributing Musicians, Brenda Barrie, Kate Brown, Michael Fitzsimons, Kevin Gladish, Amy Gunderson, Crystal Hartford, Mike Hollander, Kelly McDowell, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Lea Polizzi
Also Thank You: Joanne Zielinski, Tatiana Tchoryk with Glaceau, Adam Webster with The Side Project Theatre, The Fixx Coffee Bar, 3053 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago IL 60657, (773)248-0841
And With Much Love, Thank You: Barb and Dick Paro, Barb and Frank Polizzi

Screenings Include:

- Bridgetown Film Festival . Bridgetown, Australia
- International Film Festival Thailand . Phuket, Thailand
- British Film Festival LA . Los Angeles, CA - NOMINEE . BEST AMERICAN FEATURE
- Black Point Film Festival . Lake Geneva, WI
- Reel Time Film Festival . New York, NY
- Vacant Era Film Festival . Norman, OK
- Illinois International Film Festival . St. Charles, IL
- Portobello Film Festival . London, England
- Deep Fried Film Festival . Lanarkshire, Scotland
- The Indie Gathering Film Festival . Cleveland, OH - HONORABLE MENTION . FEATURE FILM
- Entzaubert Queer Film Festival . Berlin, Germany
- Trailer Screening / Looptopia . Chicago, IL
- Women's International Film Festival in Miami, FL
- World Premiere Screening @ Landmark Century Cinema . Chicago, IL
- LINK Film Festival . Olympia, WA - WINNER . BEST DIRECTOR

Most Wonderful People

2004 . 9 Minutes . Color . mudgeonsoul productions, Trundling Productions

With little time to prepare, our pining protagonist finds ingenious ways to ready himself and his home for an oh-so-important first date.

4 star review in
Choosen for FILM THREAT top ten shorts of the year
Best of the Fest winner at the Burlington Culture Film Festival


Writer and Director: Noah Riemer
Produced by: Richard Paro, Noah Riemer
Associate Producer: Nicholas Langholff
Director of Photography: Richard Paro
Editors: Ryan Alby, Noah Riemer, Richard Paro
Crew: Ryan Alby, Jacob Lee, Cyra K. Polizzi


Noah Riemer, Cyra K. Polizzi

Screenings Include:

- Black Point Film Festival . Lake Geneva, WI
- Majestic Midway Theatre . Chicago, IL
- Flickerings . Bushnell, IL
- South Loop Film Festival, Chicago, IL
- Burlington Culture Film Festival . Burlington, WI
- Looptopia . Chicago, IL

More Than Gravity

2004 . 4 Minutes

Questions of perception, honesty and depression surface as a woman watches her partner leave.

MORE THAN GRAVITY is a 4 minute narrative short by Cyra K. Polizzi with Richard Paro and music by Ticklepenny Corner.

Screenings Include:
- LOOPTOPIA, May 2, 2008 - Chicago, IL
- CAFE MASTIZO FILM NIGHT, March 29, 2006. 8:00pm - Chicago, IL
- BIG DAM FILM FESTIVAL, February 25, 2006. 8:00 pm. - Quincy, IL
- LADYFEST BIBLEBELT, September 30- October 3, 2004 - Denton, TX
- ESTROJAM, Thursday, September 23, 2004. 8:00 pm. - Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago, IL
- BLACK POINT FILM FESTIVAL, April 23, 2004 7:30pm (w/ Independent Spirit Award winning feature, "Funny Ha Ha") & April 24, 2004 5:00pm - Lake Geneva, WI

13 Genders

2004 . 79 min . Full Voice in association with the Yitzhak Theatre & Film Project

In 13 GENDERS, interviewees attempt to articulate their interactions with and attitudes toward their own gender expression, gender in entertainment and the workplace, sexuality, and the future of gender. The interviews, woven together with music and movie clips, are sometimes funny, often contradictory and occasionally surprisingly similar.

- Director - Cyra K. Polizzi
- Crew - Cyra K. Polizzi, Richard Paro
- Thanks - Richard Paro, Barbara & Frank Polizzi, Nicholas Langholff, Anne Enke, Ben Gollmer, Video Gallery, UW-Madison, Angel Dobbs-Sciortino, Chandler Poling, Emily Pfotenhauer, Jake, Katie Knutson, Lisa, Lucas McGranahan, Marcus Peterson, Marsha, Michael Fitzsimons, Nathan

Screenings Include:
- From 2004-2007 "13 Genders" was used in classrooms as a tool for starting discussions about a variety of gender issues.
- SEXUALITY IN THE UNITED STATES CONFERENCE, April 28, 2006 - University of California, Riverside -- Excerpt & Discussion
- MEDIA & SEXUAL MINORITIES CONFERENCE, April 21-22, 2006 - Plymouth, NH
- INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BISEXUALITY, August 6, 2004. 8:30 am - Minneapolis, MN
- ROUGH CUT SCREENING, February 24, 2003, Helen C. White Hall, Rm. 4281, Madison, WI

Morning in the Cafe

2011 . 4 Minutes . mudgeonsoul productions, Trippin TheRift Records

A discouraged juggler is excited, and apprehensive, to perform at an unusual event in this music video for the band Coldreavers.


Director: Richard Paro
Producer: Richard Paro, Andrei Antipov
"Morning in the Cafe" track by Coldreavers on Trippin TheRift Records


Cyra K. Polizzi
Breahan Eve Pautsch
Jessica Dexter
Adrienne Dawes
Rachel Renee
Anastasiya Chugay
Andrei Antipov
Richard Paro

Screenings Include:

- Red Wasp Film Festival . Byron, TX
- Deep Fried Film Festival . North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Empty Boxes

2006 . 2 Minutes

Tension builds between two roommates during their last night in the same apartment.


Director & Producer: Cyra K. Polizzi
Writer: Richard Paro
Music: The Dresden Dolls


Richard Paro
Katie Rolnick

Screenings Include:

- Blowin' Up A Spot Film Festival . Austin, TX
- Cafe Mestizo Film Night . Chicago, IL
- Looptopia . Chicago, IL

an obvious moment of happiness

2003 . 81 Minutes

"You almost forget that you're watching a work of fiction." - Stina Chyn, Film Threat

"There are some movies where I'm itching to leave well before they finish, with An Obvious Moment of Happiness, I would have preferred to keep sitting a while longer." - Ryan Helgerson, The Week

Robin and Nate are fighting, Sadie and Steven need to talk, Lyric published a novel & met Maggie, and Cliff's just happy to be here.


Writer, Producer, Director: Richard Paro
Associate Producers: Ryan Alby, Nicholas Langholff, Holly Mosher
Director of Photography: Holly Mosher
Editors: Richard Paro, Ryan Alby
Music: Dave Maxon, Scott Paro, Ryan Alby, Home Demo Vixens, Freshwater Collins, Ticklepenny Corner


Ryan Alby
Matthew Braaten
Noel Christopher
Nicholas Owen Langholff
Richard Paro
Cyra K. Polizzi
Rebecca Scott
Peter John Olsen
Noah Riemer
Therese Valkenaar

Screenings Include:

- Black Point Film Festival . Lake Geneva, WI
- Showboat Theatre . Lyons, WI
- Majestic Midway Theatre Film Series . Chicago, IL

haunting perpetually dead squirrels

1999 . Episodes range from 1-5 minutes . B/W . curmudgeon productions

In this mockumentary series, three friends try to make some extra cash by putting together a haunted house. This is more complicated than expected.


Director: Richard Paro
Writers: Richard Paro, Nicholas Langholff
Producer: Nicholas Langholff, Richard Paro, Holly Mosher
Director of Photography: Holly Mosher
Editors: John Beyer IV, Vanessa Fincher, Holly Mosher, Richard Paro
Music: Dave Maxon


Steven Apple
Nicholas Langholff
Richard Paro
Noah Riemer
Liz Bartell
Peter John Olsen

Screenings Include:

- Black Point Film Festival . Lake Geneva, WI
- MIFS - Times Cinema Screening Series . Milwaukee, WI
- Looptopia . Chicago, IL